Payables Processing: Isn’t It Time to Automate?
Thursday, August 31, 2017
1 p.m. CT
Duration : 30 Minutes

If you’re still manually processing payables — with stacks of subcontractor invoices getting lost on Project Managers’ desks, and often turned in after a job is already closed — then it’s time to stop losing revenue and automate the process. We make it easy with EleVia Payables Approval & Tracking, an add-on product for Deltek Vision that makes the payables approval process faster and more efficient.
In the webinar, you’ll learn how EleVia Payables Approval & Tracking software:
• Makes it easy for project managers to compare invoices against contracts and mark-up vendor invoices — right online.
• Gives Accounting visibility into invoice status at all times.
• Creates a registry so you can quickly find old invoices for audits or client questions.

EleVia Electronic Invoicing:
How 200 of Your Competitors are Invoicing Faster

View our 20-minute on-demand webinar to learn how your competitors are using our Electronic Invoicing software to get their client invoices out faster — making them more productive and giving them a cash flow advantage. You’ll see how the software:

  • Pulls data directly from Deltek Vision to save time.
  • Alerts projects managers when draft invoices are ready to review and lets them mark-up invoices electronically, eliminating the delay of misplaced paper invoices.
  • Lets Accounting see the status of invoices at all times ­­for greater A/R management.
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    EleVia A/R Management & Collections:
    How to Get Paid with Minimal Effort

    View our 20-minute on-demand webinar to learn how our Collections software makes it easy to:

  • Automate collections with templates and pre-programmed timing based on your Deltek Vision A/R data.
  • Set up strategies based on various aged receivable segments.
  • Use the product’s dashboard to track key metrics, including Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).
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    EleVia Field Services Suite 30-Minute Overview

    View our 30-minute on-demand webinar to learn how you can streamline the entire field services workflow with EleVia Field Services Suite software for Deltek Vision. You’ll see how to easy it is to:

  • Automate field crew scheduling with drag-and-drop functionality that pulls project and employee data directly from Deltek Vision.
  • Increase field crew utilization with online schedules and maps that field crews can pull up anytime, anywhere, using mobile devices.
  • Increase time capture with timesheets created automatically from Field Work Assignments.
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