Deltek Vision Final Invoice Documentation: No Assembly Required

December 7, 2016

If you do work for telecom companies, utilities, government agencies and even many private clients, you know the hassle of gathering all the required documentation every time you prepare an invoice. You have to pull timesheet data for the job, gather all the subcontractor invoices and expense receipts, pull status reports, attach the client’s purchase order and include whatever else is required for that job.

Not anymore.

One button assembles all documentation
After hearing so many of our clients talk about the challenges of invoicing public projects, we did something about it. We added an optional Final Invoice Packaging feature to EleVia Electronic Invoicing, which integrates with both Deltek Vision® on-premise ERP system and Deltek First Vision Essentials™ cloud ERP. The new functionality automatically assembles all the required documentation for a specific job as part of the Final Invoice process.

Engineering firm saves admin time
Partner Engineering and Science — whose accounting staff was fed up with using sticky notes to remember which documentation was required for which client — added the Final Invoice Packaging feature and saw huge productivity gains.

“Our staff no longer has to stand at the copier for hours making copies of reimbursable expenses,” explained Dianne Seymour, Partner’s Director of Management Information Systems. Dianne is such a champion of our new functionality that she shared the microphone with me at a Deltek Insight session on how to streamline invoice procedures. (You can read more about Partner’s experiences with EleVia products in their Client Success story.)

How it works
We designed the optional feature to be quick and easy. You simply set up the documentation each client requires in Deltek Vision’s Project Info Center, with user-defined fields. EleVia Electronic Invoicing seamlessly integrates with Vision, so each time you create a final invoice, the system automatically pulls the needed documentation to create a “package of documents” as a single PDF. You can deliver the package to the client via an email template or print it for hard copy invoicing.

Supporting documentation can include:

  • Cover Letter
  • Timesheet Detail
  • Copies of Subcontractor Invoices and Expense Receipts
  • Project Status Reports by Phase
  • Waiver and Release of Liens
  • Purchase Orders
  • Any specialized attachment that can be made into a template

If you use EleVia Payables Approval & Tracking (PAT) —  another one of our add-on products for Deltek Vision — then Final Invoice Packaging can also pull subcontractor invoices directly from PAT even before they’re uploaded into Vision.

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Steve Stolz