Here’s a Way to Fill Those Gaps in Deltek Vision for Accounting

October 19, 2016

If you’re like most professionals who use Deltek Vision® for accounting, you wish the client invoicing, A/P and A/R processes were more automated. They can be, with EleVia Software. At the request of many clients, we developed these add-on financial products that enhance the core functionality of Deltek Vision:

EleVia Electronic Invoicing

Automatically generates and routes your draft client invoices — with supporting documentation — so project managers can review and mark-up invoices online anywhere for faster review and approval.

EleVia Payables Approval & Tracking

Creates electronic versions of vendor invoices, paired with the original contracts, so reviewers can quickly verify cost accuracy.

EleVia A/R Management & Collections

Creates automatic collections notices and provides insight into collections performance to reduce aged receivables.

Why should you use EleVia Software? Here are three good reasons:

  1. EleVia Software products are endorsed by Deltek

At a Clarity Report presentation, Deltek Senior Director Mike Bourgeouis said it best: “CCG Products (which recently re-branded as EleVia Software) plugs gaps that we haven’t been able to plug. CCG is a technical leader one of our most nimble partners.” In fact, Deltek has twice recognized CCG with its prestigious Innovation Excellence Award for developing add-on products that help Deltek Vision clients improve business performance.

  1. EleVia Software products are endorsed by your peers

You’ll find EleVia Software in use at architecture and engineering firms both big and small — including BWBR Architects, DLR Group, ENGEO, Fenstermaker, Fuss & O’Neill, HGA, HKS, KSA Engineers, Psomas and RTKL. Many of them are so appreciative of the efficiency and business insight they gained through EleVia Software that they’ve shared their Client Successes.

  1. EleVia Software products elevate your business performance

Our products make you more efficient, which can cut days from billing and collections to improve cash flow. That in itself delivers strong ROI. But clients tell us that just as important is the deeper performance insight they get. For example, with CCG Electronic Invoicing and CCG Payables Approval & Tracking, project managers can run reports and see details — like job-to-date billed— which helps them keep their budgets on track. With CCG A/R Management & Collections, you see key performance indicators, such as average days delinquent and average days to pay.

In addition to financial products, we also have two products that help you improve resource management. EleVia Field Services Suite makes it easy for field personnel to see their assignments and record their time, which automatically flows into timesheets. EleVia Advanced Search turbocharges Vision searches by allowing you to search not just Vision Info Centers, but all your multiple databases at the same time. It also lets you enter filters to get just the most relevant data.

To learn how you can fill gaps in Deltek Vision for accounting, contact me at or 612-326-3909.

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Denny Iskierka

Vice President

Having spent 30+ years delivering finance software solutions to match clients’ business needs, Denny understands the underlying operational challenges companies face and how to solve them with software.