Revenue Forecasting: EleVia Grids Software Makes It Easy for DLR Group to Follow this A&E Management Best Practice

June 7, 2017

“Beef up your revenue forecasting” is one of the A&E management best practices touted by architecture giants in a recent Building Design + Construction article. DLR Group wanted to do just that after acquiring several firms and growing into a 1,000-employee, 27-office powerhouse. They attempted to do it manually, with a six-month rolling forecast on spreadsheets, but the process was extremely time-consuming. Then they heard about our EleVia Grids software, an add-on product for Deltek Vision.

“The manual forecasting spreadsheets took us several days each month,” said DLR Group Financial Systems Director Chris Haferbier. “Now with EleVia’s Grids software, our project managers can electronically pull data directly from Deltek Vision and update Vision automatically from the grid. Not only can we project revenue more quickly and accurately,” Haferbier explained, “we can also assess needed workload across our offices more accurately, and adjust staffing accordingly.”

Staff and revenue forecasting are two of the primary uses for EleVia Grids software, which allows you to create user-defined grids that pull any data you want from Deltek Vision.

Many of our clients, including DLR Group, use EleVia Grids in conjunction with EleVia Electronic Invoicing, an A/R product that integrates seamlessly with Deltek Vision. But a few use Grids as a standalone product because of its revenue forecasting power.

You can learn more about DLR Group’s experience in this press release. To learn more about the EleVia Grids forecasting tool or EleVia Electronic Invoicing software, contact Denny Iskierka at or 612-326-3909.

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Steve Stolz

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