Want to a Fast Way to Search Deltek Vision? We Have a Product for That

September 13, 2016

If you do a lot of searching in Deltek Vision®, you’ll be happy to learn we created a faster, easier way to search your ERP system. EleVia Advanced Search is an add-on product that connects seamlessly with Vision. Now, instead of sorting through thousands of fields, you can predefine:

  • Which fields will be searched
  • Which fields will appear as filters
  • Which fields will appear as advanced filters
  • Which fields will appear in the results

With EleVia Advanced Search, employees can:

Access data from any Info Center

Depending on security authorizations, you can search data in any Info Center, and even across multiple Info Centers.

Access multiple databases at once
This saves time while allowing you to extend your search.

Save searches and results

You can save searches you conduct frequently to save even more time. Plus, we included a Shopping Cart feature that allows you to store results from multiple searches.

This new product makes it easy to conduct complex searches, such as:

  • Conflicts of interest: Search for employees who are working on competitive client accounts or projects with conflicts.
  • License renewals: Search for staff whose licenses are soon to expire.
  • Employee degrees: Find all employees with a Master’s Degree for marketing purposes and proposals.
  • Related projects: Find related projects by industry or location to include in proposals.
  • Opportunities to market a new service: Search for prospective clients that may be interested in a new service you’re offering.
  • Pre-define any cross Info Center searches: Search and display any fields from any Info Centers.

To learn more about EleVia Advanced Search or any of our products, contact or 888-328-4353.

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Steve Stolz

Chief Technology Officer and Founding Partner

Steve is a hands-on IT executive with 30+ years of software development experience. He enjoys the challenge of creating software solutions to address complex business issues, and is the mastermind behind our products.