Cash Flow Challenge

Deltek Vision® and Vantagepoint® users improve invoicing and receivables processes to increase cash flow by decreasing DSO and accelerating TTI.

Learn how easy it can be!

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Learn how easy it is to improve your invoicing and receivables process and cash flow. Don’t delay; take the cash flow challenge today!

3 Easy Steps to Complete the Cash Flow Challenge:

1Exploratory call.
Schedule a 30-minute exploratory call with our cash flow expert.

2Brief working session.
Participate in a 15-minute working session to collect the data on your invoicing and receivables process.

3Get the results!
CFO and other key decision-makers in your firm participate in a 45-minute presentation showcasing the Cash Flow Challenge results. Our Client Measurement Model reveals where savings are found and the impact to your firm’s cash flow.

Find out how much cash flow improvement you could have.
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