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What started as a single job for KSA Engineers turned into a long-term partnership between the Texas-based engineering firm and EleVia Software. Originally, KSA Engineers hired EleVia’s parent company, Central Consulting Group (CCG) to integrate the firm’s Newforma® Project Center and Deltek Vision® ERP software.

“We quickly learned why the folks at Newforma recommended them to us,” said Suzanne Bickham, Director of Administration for KSA Engineers. “Their consultants know all the ins and outs of both Vision and Newforma, so they integrated our data seamlessly.”

More efficient invoicing process

Soon after that first project, the engineering firm was looking for a way to streamline its billing cycle. The company had grown to include three subsidiaries with 175 employees, and would have to hire another employee to help with the A/R process unless it developed a more efficient process.

The solution? EleVia Electronic Invoicing, a proprietary add-on product for Vision that automates the billing process. It allows project managers to review draft invoices electronically, along with supporting documentation, and easily mark-up the invoices with built-in notation tools.

“With EleVia Electronic Invoicing, we cut our billing cycle by about four days, eliminating the need for additional staff.”

“Before implementing EleVia Electronic Invoicing, we were spending two days just printing draft invoices, then paying overnight delivery charges to send to project managers in seven locations,” Bickham said. “Plus, our file cabinets were full and we were constantly moving boxes of invoices to a storage building,” she added.

“With EleVia Electronic Invoicing, we cut our billing cycle by about four days, eliminating the need for additional staff,” Bickham explained. “We also reduced costs for printing, shipping and additional storage space.”

Improved payables process

After seeing the efficiencies gained through one EleVia product, the engineering firm was excited when the software firm introduced a similar product for the A/P process: EleVia Payables Approval & Tracking. It allows project managers to view and electronically mark up incoming vendor invoices quickly and easily.

“Our first question about the product was ‘How quickly can we get it going?’ “ Bickham quipped. “Our A/P process needed help. We were scanning each vendor invoice, then saving it to the project folders so that project managers could see all invoices associated with their project.”

Now KSA Engineers’ A/P process is streamlined and paperless, too. Another important benefit of EleVia Payables Approval & Tracking is that subcontractors’ contracts can be viewed at the same time as their invoices, Bickham added. “Not only do project managers know whether or not to approve invoices immediately, it also forced us to make sure we receive a contract from every vendor, so it improved our contracting procedures, too,“ she explained.

Proven Vision partners

KSA Engineers relies on both EleVia Software and CCG for all its Vision-related needs, Bickham said. “They’re so knowledgeable about software and how to match it to business needs. After we acquired a company that had been using Sage BusinessWorks, our CCG consultants knew how to quickly migrate data from it to Vision so we could leverage our investment almost immediately,” she said.

“EleVia Payables Approval & Tracking forced us to make sure we receive a contract from every vendor, so it improved our contracting procedures, too.“

“On top of that, they’re very personable and responsive. I can email any of our EleVia or CCG contacts and get a response quickly. They’re always willing to help us troubleshoot. They’re a huge asset to our company,” Bickham said.

About KSA Engineers

The ENR Top 500 firm provides a broad range of consulting, management, engineering, architecture, planning, surveying and construction services through three subsidiaries. It serves clients throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma, and is a leader in preparing design solutions to government agencies, river authorities, utility districts, water supply corporations, private industry, developers and architects.

Employees: 175
Offices: 9
Headquarters: Longview, Texas
Average Projects Annually: 2,200+
Average Client invoices Annually: 4,300
Average Payables Annually: 6,000