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Weston & Sampson



Engineering firm Weston & Sampson realized such significant productivity gains from one EleVia Software financial product that it plans to add two more.

Everyone appreciates EleVia Electronic Invoicing

“I saw a demo of EleVia Electronic Invoicing at a Deltek Insight conference and immediately knew it would be a great enhancement to our system,” said Diane Grillo, Controller for Weston & Sampson. The add-on product for Vision creates PDF draft invoices, then notifies approvers, who can quickly review and mark up the PDF invoices electronically.

“Our leadership bought-in to the investment right away because they saw the potential to improve our financial performance and productivity.”

“Our leadership bought-in to the investment right away because they saw the potential to improve our financial performance and productivity,” Grillo noted. “We implemented EleVia Electronic Invoicing in 2012 and everyone from accounting to operations noticed the benefits.” Those benefits included:

Streamlining payables and collections next

Weston & Sampson purchased and will soon implement two more EleVia products:

which allows project managers to view and electronically mark up incoming vendor invoices quickly and easily. “We especially like that all the backup documentation is in the system, so contracts can be viewed at the same time as the invoices,” Grillo explained.

which provides a dashboard of key receivables performance indicators — including days sales outstanding (DSO), average days delinquent (ADD) — so the firm can develop more effective collections strategies. “It also has Microsoft® Word and email templates that we can merge with our customer data to streamline communication,” Grillo said.

A partner that can fill in the gaps

“Deltek Vision is a great ERP system, but it doesn’t have all the capabilities we need,” Grillo said. “We were so excited to find a partner that can fill in the gaps and provide Vision enhancements. EleVia not only provides the products, but is very responsive, providing fast turnaround when we need help.”

About Weston & Sampson

Weston & Sampson is a full-service environmental and infrastructure consulting firm, offering project development and planning services through design, construction, and long-term operation and maintenance. In addition, the company provides forensic and investigative services to the insurance industry and law firms. The firm ranked 178 in Engineering News-Record’s 2015 Top 500 Design Firms.

Employees: 450
Offices: 19
Headquarters: Peabody, Massachusetts
Average Projects Annually: 1,500
Average Client Invoices Annually: 12,000
Average Payable Annually: 9,000