Dances with Cash Flow

Bill Smoothly, Cash Flow Expert, EleVia Software April 15, 2020

From the desk of Bill Smoothly:

Well, it seems like it is day 597 or so of the virtual lockdown for the Smoothly Clan, and it’s a good thing I like getting things done well in advance. Being prepared for having to work virtually is paying off for me. Now, there are other issues going on right now that are a little strange.

First off, the food thing as we shelter in place is weird. Did I just decide to eat my way into a pandemic fifteen? The Easter weekend prime rib, homemade pizzas, and the crazy spicy shrimp pablano! I’m watching my weight, unfortunately, it is getting easier to see.

I miss hanging around with people. Real or fictional ones, I like them all. As a result, I have been having some odd and unusual dreams. Or maybe it’s the shrimp pablano? Regardless, I still have the recurring dream where I win the lottery and no one ever sees me again, nothing new in that arena. The odd dreams I am experiencing lately include me rambling through Class 4 rapids without a paddle, the car with no steering wheel on the freeway at 75 miles per hour, and of course, the one on the prairie involving a wolf is the one I can’t get off my mind.

In the prairie dream, I am a war hero assigned to an abandoned fort (Fort Days Outstanding). I’m alone at night when I meet my only friend – a wolf I’ve named Cash Flow. We build rapport over time, going from natural enemies to great friends, and eventually, we regularly hang out. Ultimately, the nearby accountants adopt me into their culture and name me ‘Dances with Cash Flow.’ Together we find new ways to improve cash flow by lowering our DSO, improving our TTI (Time to Invoice) and AR Aging. It’s pretty incredible. Now that I think of it, it is eerily similar to what I do every day – I believe I am living the dream.

If you are interested in improving your cash flow and living the dream is intriguing to you, email me at, the team at EleVia will do our best to help you better ‘Dance with Cash Flow.’

Stay tuned for more blog posts from ‘Bill Smoothly’.