We’ll dig up tons of cash for you in 90-minutes.

Take the Million Dollar Challenge

There is cash waiting for us to help you dig up. Our $1M challenge will help you uncover how you can improve your invoicing and receivables process and your cashflow.

Give us 90 minutes, and we will help you improve your cash flow. Our team has completed this challenge with other architecture and engineering firms and identified key savings that decreases DSO and speeds TTI.

Here’s how we do it:
• 30 minute exploratory call with your team
• 15 minute working session to collect the data on your invoicing and receivables process
• Our team analyzes the results and provides you a Client Measurement Model to show where your savings are found and how much it will improve your cash flow
• 45 minute presentation of the results to your CFO and other key decision makers

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DISCLAIMER: It could be more or less than $1M depending on your organization.You may see a severe rise in your happiness working with EleVia. In some cases, your co-workers become green with envy from you making so much impact for so little money. CEO’s have also been seen laughing all the way to the bank. In severe cases, accountants may get blisters on their fingers from counting so much cash. Before taking the Million Dollar Challenge, consult your physician to see if you can handle all the excitement.