Electronic Invoicing

Invoicing is core to your cash flow

Invoice More Quickly and Accurately

with software that automates the invoice approval process and provides a powerful performance dashboard

Makes project managers more productive

Notifies project managers as soon as an invoice is ready. They review, approve and mark-up PDF invoices from a single consolidated screen.

Provides powerful performance dashboard

Project managers can see a snapshot of all their jobs, including job-to-date billed fees, fixed fees remaining and project variances — without having to create separate reports.

Makes Accounting more productive

No more tracking down invoices that got lost on a desk. You can see the status of every invoice — and can even program alerts to notify reviewers if they haven’t approved the invoice in X days.

Provides final invoice packaging

Automatically assembles all required documentation with multiple PDF packages going to the same contact in a single email. Ideal if you have public or other clients that require extensive documentation with each invoice.

Cloud-ready for Vision

EleVia Electronic Invoicing integrates seamlessly with both on-premise Deltek Vision and the cloud-based versions.

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See for yourself how easy EleVia Electronic Invoicing is for both Accountants and Project Managers to use.

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Allows project managers to request holds, write-offs and transfers directly in Deltek Vision — to save time.

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Pull any data from Deltek Vision into user-defined grids for fast analysis and forecasting.

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“We reduced DSO by 5 days in the first year of implementing EleVia Electronic Invoicing. We also increased productivity in our Billing Department by 20%, and were able to reduce staff by 16%.”

Dawn Dostie
National Billing Manager, TRC

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