EleVia Grids



with customizable software that lets you pull any data from Deltek Vision into user-defined grids for fast analysis and forecasting

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of manually pulling data from Deltek Vision into spreadsheets. With EleVia Grids, we can set up the software to pull in data from any Vision Info Center or transaction, analyze it and save the analysis back to Vision. It’s as if you get to design your own software. Here are just a few ways firms are using this powerful tool:

For accurate revenue forecasts

By pulling data from Project Budgets, Info Centers and/or EleVia Electronic Invoicing, your Project Managers can quickly forecast revenue by project.

For accurate staffing costs and forecasts

You can forecast staff costs on specific projects, and forecast your upcoming staffing needs by location or against employee availability — to ensure you have adequate staff to meet client needs.

To compare actual vs estimated costs

The software is ideal for Earned Value Management techniques — like estimate to complete (ETC) and estimate at completion (EAC) — to measure project performance and progress.

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“With EleVia Grids, not only can we project revenue more accurately, we can also assess needed workload across our offices more accurately, and adjust staffing accordingly.”

Chris Haferbier
Financial Systems Director, DLR Group

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