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Helping PM's Be More Productive | Tools for PM Success

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 | 11:00 am

  • Do what you do best - and spend more time doing it.
  • Build an easy digital "to do" list - automatically!
  • Use your cell or pad to do work from anywhere - no need for the office.
  • At a glance, know what's been billed, what needs to be billed, billed vs. contract, and more - all in one easy to use system.


Is your forecasting process time consuming and manual? View our 30 minute informational session on our new forecasting module, ForecastEdge. You'll learn how the module:

  • Streamlines the forecasting process
  • Improves resource planning
  • Improves actual versus estimated forecasts
  • Provides deeper data analysis
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EleVia’s Power Suite

View our 30 minute webinar about our Power Suite – Electronic Invoicing, A/R Management & Collections and Payables Approval & Tracking. You’ll learn how the software:

  • Speeds up and improves your invoicing and collections process
  • Monitors and manages your receivables
  • Improves your cash flow
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Mobile Docs for Electronic Invoicing & Payables Approval & Tracking

View our 8-minute on-demand webinar to see how:

  • PM’s can approve invoices anywhere, any time on their mobile devices
  • With no VPN connectivity required
  • To get invoicing done quicker
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Electronic Invoicing: How 200 of Your Competitors are Invoicing Faster

View our 20-minute on-demand webinar to learn how your competitors are using our Electronic Invoicing software to get their client invoices out faster — making them more productive and giving them a cash flow advantage. You’ll see how the software:

  • Pulls data directly from Deltek Vision to save time
  • Alerts projects managers when draft invoices are ready to review and lets them mark-up invoices electronically, eliminating the delay of misplaced paper invoices
  • Lets Accounting see the status of invoices at all times ­­for greater A/R management
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A/R Management & Collections: How to Get Paid with Minimal Effort

View our 20-minute on-demand webinar to learn how our Collections software makes it easy to:

  • Automate collections with templates and pre-programmed timing based on your Deltek Vision A/R data
  • Set up strategies based on various aged receivable segments
  • Use the product’s dashboard to track key metrics, including Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
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Field Services Suite 30-Minute Overview

View our 30-minute on-demand webinar to learn how you can streamline the entire field services workflow with EleVia Field Services Suite software for Deltek Vision. You’ll see how to easy it is to:

  • ‍Automate field crew scheduling with drag-and-drop functionality that pulls project and employee data directly from Deltek Vision
  • Increase field crew utilization with online schedules and maps that field crews can pull up anytime, anywhere, using mobile devices.
  • Increase time capture with timesheets created automatically from Field Work Assignments
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