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EleVia Field Services Suite



with software that streamlines the field scheduling workflow, saving time for everyone from schedulers and crews to approvers and accountants

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Increase the productivity of everyone involved in field work

Automate scheduling

Schedulers can easily create Field Work Assignments (FWAs) and assign them to crews using drag-and-drop functionality that pulls data directly from your Deltek Vision Employee and Project Info Centers.

Increase field crew utilization

Field crews can pull up their FWAs any time, anywhere, using mobile devices. In an instant, they can see where they need to be and can map the location, even in the middle of a desert or an ocean.

Ensure compliance with labor rules

Our customizable rules engine helps you minimize the risk of fines and improve utilization. It lets you set predefined timesheet rules — like state or union regulations, or your own minimum/maximum hours and overtime requirements.

Speed field timesheet approvals

Approvers can quickly approve or reject timesheets on either desktop or mobile devices.

Speed communication with instant notifications

You can create user-defined email notifications to help speed the workflow. Crews can be alerted when an FWA is created. Chiefs and Project Managers can be notified when an FWA is completed. Approvers can be alerted when timesheets are ready to review. And accounting can be notified when timesheets are approved, so they can upload to Deltek Vision and bill.

How Field Services Suite Works