EleVia values team, positive energy and making great memories together. We balance our purposeful work with a productive friendly atmosphere.

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Our Core Values


If you have something to say, say it. Venting is okay but being constructive is better. Your words matter and impact your audience.


Your actions, efforts and results affect your family. Do your part and step-up.


Tough projects and problems are solved by teams. Expect times of stress and anxiety, create memories of laughter and fun.

Can Do

It's a mindset and attitude. "We will figure it out" is our approach to every challenge.

One Team

Win together, lose together.


Tell and live it. Be true to you, your family, customers and team.


Winning is better than losing. We live in a competitive world. Strive to win.


Have them, live by them. You represent yourself and our company.

What our team members say...

EleVia has provided me with an opportunity to excel at my role and to work with a first-rate team of co-workers.

EleVia has a positive, goal-oriented environment with a great culture and stellar reputation in the AE industry. If you are self-motivated and like to work hard, but also like to have some fun along the way, then EleVia is a good place for you.

I can honestly say this is the best job I have ever had. In sales reputation is everything. EleVia is an ethical company in the way it treats both our employees and our customers.

I have never worked in such a great team environment. The Executive team truly cares about each employee and allows them to excel in their roles.

Great Senior Management. Team atmosphere. Co-workers become friends.

I have worked in many corporate environments, this one is totally different. Everyone appears to be achievers, collaborative and focused on winning for the customers and company.

Work hard play hard work atmosphere that promotes work/life balance.

Work hard, achieve success, then play hard...repeat. The performance standards are high. They push you to do your best, but that is exactly what a good manager should do. They'll encourage you to improve yourself and help you when you ask. Management will also be the first to congratulate you when you succeed.