EleVia’s world-class management team is recognized as visionary, innovative, customer-centric and energized. Guided by clearly defined and inspirational corporate values, EleVia’s leadership team inspires employees and the greater EleVia community.

Brock Philip

Brock Philp

Chief Executive Officer

Brock has served as CEO for multiple software and services companies focused on vertical markets, including construction, tax and accounting. Additionally, Brock has served as President and CEO for software firms selling software and services to Federal, State and Local agencies.

Kevin Murray

General Manager

Kevin guides EleVia’s strategic planning and reporting, while balancing the needs of customers and employees. Kevin has over twenty years experience in a variety of software companies and remains focused on customers and operational efficiency.

Ali Farnsworth

Vice President, Sales

Ali is passionate about effectiveness and growth. She has been instrumental in growing numerous software companies and has herself been the founder of two technology startups. Ali created the first tech-matchmaking platform, elevating technology innovations inside various geographical markets. She enjoys strategically matching offerings to business needs.