Increase Your Output Without Increasing Personnel

Products Used:

Electronic Invoicing
Payables Approval & Tracking
A/R Management & Collections

Company Overview

ENGEO is an award-winning firm of geotechnical engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, hydrologists, construction quality assurance representatives, and laboratory testing specialists. ENGEO is headquartered in San Ramon, California, and has many offices throughout California, and one office in Nevada. They also have offices in Australia, New Zealand, and Guam.


Prior to implementing EleVia, ENGEO relied on a highly manual invoicing process that lacked visibility. After sending out a batch pdf to the Project Manager with the draft invoices and mock-ups, they then had to wait for the PM to go through the entire review and markup process before they could invoice. With this bottleneck, their billing cycle was taking two weeks. Lora Dominick, Senior Controller for ENGEO, knew there had to be a better way. “The manual tracking process we were using required eight people on staff just to keep up. We knew we needed a more efficient process to handle the growth we were experiencing,” said Lora. “We evaluated EleVia, we liked what we saw, and we implemented it within our organization.”

Why EleVia Software

Do More With Less

“Since implementing EleVia Electronic Invoicing (EI), our revenue has grown by 100%. We have taken on a 97% increase in invoices with only two full-time employees versus the eight we used to have. That amounts to remarkable ROI and doesn’t even factor in the payroll and benefits saved with that reduction in staff.”

Improved Time to Invoice (TTI)

“With our old process, it was taking us two weeks to get invoices out the door. EleVia has allowed us to shorten our billing cycle to five days. Now, we have a very strict invoicing cycle where we produce drafts on Monday then finalize and mail invoices on Friday.”

Better Visibility

“The way we manually tracked everything before EleVia made it very difficult to track what each employee had on their plate and what stage each job was in. Now that our team can see all of that information in one location it has improved efficiency and accountability.”

Customization With EleVia

“We have complex internal processes, and we are happy with the level of customization and flexibility EleVia has been able to provide. We have implemented final invoice packaging since 80% of our clients require some form of backup support for invoices. With customizations, we are able to provide client-specific lien releases, billing forms, timesheets, and subcontractor invoices to our invoices with the click of a button.”

Extending the Value of EleVia Products

The ROI ENGEO saw from Electronic Invoicing made it easier for the firm to adopt other EleVia products like Payables Approval & Tracking, and A/R Management & Collections.

“Several years after implementing Electronic Invoicing we implemented Payables Approval & Tracking. With the ROI we were seeing from Electronic Invoicing, it was a no-brainer. Again, we have been able to maintain an increased volume of workload with only one person on staff.  We also just purchased A/R Management & Collections to help speed up and standardize our collections process. We haven’t implemented it yet, but we are looking forward to taking advantage of it.

“Since implementing EleVia Electronic Invoicing (EI), our revenue has grown by 100%. We have taken on a 97% increase in invoices with only two full-time employees versus the eight we used to have.”
Lora Dominick, Senior Controller, ENGEO