Environmental Science Associates

Improve Cash Flow and Invoicing Efficiency

Products Used:

Electronic Invoicing
Payables Approval & Tracking

Company Overview

Environmental Science Associates (ESA) is a 100% employee-owned environmental consulting firm responsible for planning, designing, permitting, mitigating, and restoring projects across communities, infrastructure systems, open spaces, and wildlands.


ESA was using Deltek Vision with a largely manual invoicing process. The result was lengthy Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) periods and difficulty tracking stages of the invoicing process. ESA wanted the ability to track Project Manager responsiveness and have a system to make them more accountable to the invoicing process. With a manual process, ESA could not tell when invoices were being sent or received.

Why EleVia Software

Reduced DSO

ESA integrated EleVia’s Electronic Invoicing (EI) platform in February of 2018. EleVia integrates with their existing Deltek Vision software, and has enabled the firm to reduce DSO from 45 days to 35 days.

Boosted Productivity

EleVia brings a highly efficient means of entering, tracking, and storing AP invoices. With Electronic Invoicing, we increased our monthly invoice volume by 25% and substantially lowered our unbilled balance,” said Melissa Dustin, Revenue Manager at ESA.

Project Manager Buy-In

The software has also helped to make PMs more accountable and efficient by providing an easy platform to access invoices and track actions taken. "Our PMs appreciate increased transparency and convenience of having information in a centralized location. They know the invoices are always
there, they can look at any time The tracking history allows me to see times and dates of review. It’s an objective piece of data, which eliminates finger pointing,” Melissa said.

Reduced Unbilled Revenue

Leveraging Electronic Invoicing, ESA reduced unbilled revenue by 25%.

"With EleVia, everybody’s productivity has gone up. There are no invoices getting lost. Everyone knows what’s in the bucketand what has to be done. It is easier for everyone to track what they’re doing."
Melissa Dustin, Revenue Manager