Saves Time and Improves Cash Flow with a Modern Approach to Invoicing

Products Used:

Electronic Invoicing
Payables Approval & Tracking
A/R Management & Collections

Company Overview

Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc. is an innovative civil engineering firm dedicated to developing solutions to best serve its clients and the public. We offer a full range of services in land development, hydrology/hydraulics, water resources, transportation/traffic, surveying, environmental/geosciences, GIS, and mining.


Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc. was manually managing their entire invoicing process. This involved manually sorting through invoices, packaging them, and sending them to the Project Manager (PM). From there, the PM would markup each invoice with notes before returning it to accounting. “We had roughly 2,000 active invoices, and I was printing about one and a half cases of paper per month,” said Tina Essary, the Director of Client Billing at Pape-Dawson. The biggest headache for Tina and the Client Billing team was keeping track of all of the invoices. PMs would sometimes take longer than expected to return an invoice. With 2,000 active invoices, manually tracking anything overdue was a disproportionate burden on the team. “Getting invoices back on time was a big struggle,” Tina said. “We spent more than half of our time tracking invoices and chasing PMs down.”

Why EleVia Software

Reduced Time to Invoice

Pape-Dawson decided to work with EleVia using their Electronic Invoicing (EI) software, which integrates with Deltek Vision. EI offers Pape-Dawson a high level of customizability and the software has been able to fit seamlessly into their invoicing process. “We are able to get invoices out the door quicker which means we are getting money in faster,” said Tina.

More Efficient Accounting

Implementing Electronic Invoicing has made Pape-Dawson more efficient and more profitable overall. “Prior to EI, we usually had about 200-300 projects with outstanding invoices after completion. That has
been completely eliminated with EI,” Tina said.

Increased Efficiency and Profitability

Everybody sees the invoices at once, so any issues are caught quickly. Implementing Electronic Invoicing has made Pape-Dawson more efficient and more profitable overall. “In the four years we have had EI, we have grown about 30%,” said Tina. “With our manual process, we were struggling to keep up with the work we had. But with EI, we handle far more work and have not had to expand our staff. There is no way we could have handled this kind of volume without Electronic Invoicing.”

"Electronic Invoicing is so easy. It saves us tons of time, and I think it has more than paid for itself. The software has made life much, much easier.”
Tina Essary, Director of Client Billing
Pape-Dawson Engineers Inc.