Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects

Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects Saves Over 40 Hours Per Month Receiving and Reconciling Payments with EVPay

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Electronic Invoicing
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Company Overview

Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects is a full-service firm covering a wide range of services, including planning, environmental, energy, federal, survey & mapping, construction management, public works, railroad, and transportation.

They have 15 locations spread across the US, from California to Kansas City with headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wilson & Company reached an impressive milestone this year as they celebrate 90 years in business. Throughout the firm’s history, their willingness to go the extra mile for their clients has been unwavering.

Jennifer Porter, Financial Accounting & Reporting Manager at Wilson & Company explains how EleVia’s solutions have helped her team solve key business challenges. Over her 20-year tenure, she’s seen the evolution and digital transformation of their accounting processes. As a long-time EleVia customer, they have leveraged EleVia solutions to drive financial processes and extend their investment in Deltek.


Wilson & Company provides specialized inspection services and in order to schedule the inspections, retainers are required. Invoicing of the retainers is handled by Wilson & Company’s accounting department. When the inspections don’t take as long as expected, refunds need to be initiated, creating additional work for the team. Wilson & Company bills out thousands of inspections annually, and they were looking for a more efficient way to manage this workload.

Why EleVia Software

Demonstrating the Power of EVPay, EleVia's Payment Processing Solution

Earlier this year, Jennifer implemented EVPay, EleVia’s payment processing solution that directly integrates with Electronic Invoicing and A/R Management & Collections modules, equipping firms with the automation and security necessary to accept payments via credit card or ACH. Credit card processing fees are offset by the client, and payments automatically reconcile within Deltek. Their previous payment solution was too labor-intensive on the accounting team and didn’t integrate with Deltek.

Fast forward to today, Jennifer and her team have quickly become EVPay power users. In just 7 months, the team has already processed over $2,000,000 in client payments. In Jennifer’s estimation, EVPay saves the team over 40 hours per month receiving and reconciling payments.

Electronic Invoicing is Tailored to the Needs of Wilson & Company

Jennifer has been using EleVia Electronic Invoicing(EI) for years, but she still remembers a time not so long ago when invoicing was an extremely cumbersome process. Moving hard copies from desk to desk, emailing invoices from computer to computer. Printing. Marking up. Scanning. Emailing again.

The past is the past for a reason. Enter EI.

Jennifer admits at first their billers were a little skeptical of EI. But once they saw how much easier it could make their jobs, they quickly got on board. In her words, “It’s limitless what we can do with our client billings in terms of efficiency and time savings.” The flexibility of EI to meet the unique needs of the firm means Wilson & Company can tailor EI to their client’s needs, their business line, their company standards, or really anything else they require. From configurable invoice packaging to custom templates and files to company fonts and colors, the EleVia support team has guided Wilson & Company every step of the way.

Results by the Numbers

How it started, how it’s going, you ask?

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) has decreased significantly, resulting in a huge cash flow improvement. According to Jennifer, it’s going great!

"We estimate that EVPay saves us 40 hours per month on the payments side. Just 7 months after implementation, we have already seamlessly taken in over $2,000,000 in client payments through EVPay."
Jennifer Porter, Financial Accounting & Reporting Manager
Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects