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Fuss & O’Neill



With 1,000 client invoices each month for project managers to review, engineering firm Fuss O’Neill was looking for a way to speed the review process. “We were sending paper drafts to project managers spread across our six offices,” said Joe Cardinale, staff accountant who oversees the outbound invoicing process. “PMs would mark-up the drafts and send them back, which took about a week and then we received them all at once. We needed a better way,” he said.

The right product at the right time

When one of his colleagues came back from the Deltek Insight conference with information about EleVia Electronic Invoicing, Cardinale got excited. “EleVia’s add-on product for Deltek Vision® was exactly what we needed. It speeds billing by automating the invoice review process,” he said.

“Project managers like the product because they can drill down to A/R, cost and all the information they need to review invoices.”

Cardinale explained that now project managers get a notice when they have draft invoices to review. They simply log into Vision and can see the invoices and a grid with all their project data at once. “Project managers like it because they can drill down to A/R, cost and all the information they need to review invoices,” he said.

“Even the Project Directors have noticed that our PMs are happier since we implemented EleVia Electronic Invoicing.” Another benefit is that PMs can review one or two invoices at a time and accounting is automatically notified when the invoices are ready, vs. waiting to get all the reviewed invoices back at once.

The result? With EleVia Electronic Invoicing, invoices are reviewed two to four days faster, Cardinale said. And the firm has reduced paper usage and costs. “I realized we weren’t using as much paper when I noticed I hadn’t seen the filing clerk around for awhile,” he joked. “Now there are no client invoices to file because they’re all electronic.”

Tailored to their needs

During a three-month beta phase, Cardinale worked with EleVia to fine tune the product to match the firm’s needs and business processes. “We added some columns, stamps and stages so the product was more aligned with our processes,” he explained. “Each time we discovered a new item we wanted adjusted, EleVia was on top of it right away.”

Minimal training required

When Fuss & O’Neill rolled out EleVia Electronic Invoicing, Cardinale went on the road conducting training sessions at each of the firm’s offices. “I’d spend 30 minutes to an hour showing project managers the system and by the next week, they were using it,” he said. “Frankly, the system is so easy to use that anybody could figure it out without training.”

“EleVia knows how to make products work harmoniously with Vision.”

Cardinale credits the software’s intuitiveness to EleVia’s deep knowledge of Deltek Vision. “They know how to make products work harmoniously with Vision. In fact, we’re looking at another one of their products, EleVia Payables Approval & Tracking, as a logical next step to enhance our incoming invoice process, too,” he said.

About Fuss & O’Neill

Founded in 1924, Fuss & O’Neill is a full-service engineering consulting firm. It offers an integrated matrix of services across a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines, including energy services, environmental compliance, facilities engineering, land development and structural engineering.

Employees: 250+
Offices: 7
Headquarters: Manchester, Connecticut
Average Projects Annually: 1,500
Average Client Invoices Annually: 12,000