EleVia Software Announces Electronic Invoicing Enhancements

August 08, 2019

New release includes parallel approvals and new storage options

MINNEAPOLIS, MN —EleVia Software today announced the release of Electronic Invoicing (EI) version 6.5, the market-leading EleVia solution which enhances Deltek Vision and Deltek Vantagepoint invoicing. The new release expands automation by providing parallel invoice approvals as well as new options to store and access files. The release is compatible with both Deltek Vision and Deltek Vantagepoint.

Architecture and engineering firms around the globe rely on EleVia’s Electronic Invoicing to invoice faster and more accurately. EleVia’s software delivers powerful automation along with performance dashboards. Electronic Invoicing version 6.5 extends current capabilities with the following new features:

Vantagepoint Ready

EleVia Electronic Invoicing 6.5 is compatible with Deltek Vantagepoint. All EleVia Electronic Invoicing features which integrate with Deltek Vision are now available in Deltek Vantagepoint.

Parallel Approvals

EleVia Electronic Invoicing 6.5 now provides parallel approvals. This enhanced process greatly decreases the time to invoice and allows multiple approvers the ability to review and approve invoices simultaneously. Larger enterprise organizations demand faster invoicing especially for more complicated billings. Parallel Approvals dramatically improves Time to Invoice (TTI) by days and even weeks.

New Storage Options

New options are available to store and access invoice PDF files and additional documents used in Electronic Invoicing. Options include file stream database storage (similar to Vision Files Database/TDM), cloud storage (AWS S3) and more.  

Benefits of the new storage options include:

  • Improved security/management of files used by Electronic Invoicing
  • Manages concurrent access to files and the new Parallel Approvals feature
  • Files can be accessed without the need for LAN/WAN/VPN connectivity

Quick Load Feature

The new ‘Quick Load’ feature allows users to individually select only critical information and load the appropriate columns/items. The quicker loading means faster workflow and faster invoicing.

“EleVia is excited to extend our capabilities thereby helping Electronic Invoicing clients improve cash flow,” stated Ron Noden, Executive Vice President of EleVia Software. “We continue to listen to our clients and prioritize the most impactful new features, which improve processes and efficiency. This latest version of Electronic Invoicing also includes all the great features our clients have come to rely upon.”

Additional enhancements in this release include layout, configuration, filtering, and packaging. To learn more, visit our Electronic Invoicing page.

About EleVia Software

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