Webinar with Zweig Group: Herding the Dollars – Cash Flow Management for AEC Firms


The conversion of projects into cash – and every step from the timesheet to the invoice to the bank account – is important for the survival of any business. With a median average collection period of 70 days, AEC firms may not be able to control every aspect of the collection process, but there are steps that each firm can take to more effectively manage working capital. In this hour-long webinar, we will review Zweig Group’s data and discuss what the data tells us works for AEC firms and we will discuss specific cash flow tips to improve the collection process and control disbursements.

  • Viewers will learn ways to improve the collection process.
  • Viewers will learn what the average collection period is and why 90 days is not OK
  • Viewers will learn strategic cash-flow tips to accelerate collections and control disbursements.
  • Viewers will learn best-practice collection policies that they can implement within their firms.


  • Jamie Claire Kiser, Zweig Group
  • Ron Noden, EleVia Software