improve field team efficiency & productivity

with software that streamlines the field scheduling workflow and saves time


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With integration to Deltek Vision® and Deltek Vantagepoint®, FSS streamlines the field scheduling and workflow, saving time for everyone from schedulers and crews to approvers and accountants.

Improved Utilization

Interactive scheduling and easy communication with Field Teams helps improve productivity and utilization. Streamline scheduling by providing Field Work Order information accessible via tablets and mobile devices. Even 1% improvement in utilization could mean thousands or even millions of dollars in Net Income improvement.

Timesheets Made Easier

With a single entry using FSS, tracking time becomes easier and more accurate. Correctly assigning time for billing and/or costing is done with minimal effort and improved accuracy.

Easy Expense Recovery

FSS makes Expense Recovery easy and automated. Correctly assigning expenses to projects and invoices makes it easier for those preparing invoices.

Flexible Unit Billing

FSS easily accommodates Unit Billing. Flexibility in configuration can provide a broad spectrum of capabilities specific to your Field Team.

Simplified Cost Recovery

Improve cost recovery for equipment and tools uses in the field. Reduces missing billed items used in the field and provides a seamless method to ensure accurate client billing.


“I’m very happy with the EleVia FSS software. It’s much better than what we had before and I sure wouldn’t switch back.”

Gary Kraus
Principal and Director of Survey, Hunsaker & Associates

Hunsaker & Associates Saves Time and Reduces Paperwork with EleVia Software

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