Millennium EMS Solutions Selects EleVia’s Field Services Suite to Enhance Field Scheduling Workflow

October 18, 2018

Integration to Deltek enables improved accuracy, productivity and efficiency

Minneapolis, MN – EleVia Software announced today that Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd. (MEMS) has selected Field Services Suite (FSS) to optimize the scheduling of their environmental field teams. FSS will improve field workflow for MEMS by automating several key scheduling functions and integrating into their Deltek Vision ERP system.

With FSS, MEMS will gain the advantage of having work assignments, labor rates, and billing info integrated into Deltek Vision for more accuracy and visibility. The MEMS field teams will also have real-time access via mobile devices. These capabilities will increase the efficiency of scheduling and assigning crews and improve the utilization of field teams.

“FSS is currently being implemented across the company to help us take our scheduling and field crew utilization to the next level,” commented Nancy Grainger, VP of Projects at MEMS. “Separate daily tickets to the field will now be streamlined and information will be better communicated from the field for project managers. These capabilities plus the integration into Deltek Vision will enable much better planning and visibility for our team.”

Key features and benefits of EleVia Field Services Suite include:

  • Automate scheduling – Schedulers can easily create Field Work Assignments (FWAs) and assign them to crews that pulls data directly from Deltek Vision Employee and Project Info Centers.
  • Increase field crew utilization – Field crews can access their FWAs on-demand on mobile devices to identify where they need to be.
  • Ensure compliance – The customizable rules engine helps minimize risk of fines and improve utilization. Clients set predefined timesheet rules including regulations or overtime requirements.
  • Speed field timesheet approvals – Approvers can quickly approve or reject timesheets on either desktop or mobile devices.
  • Speed communication with instant notifications – User-defined email notifications for chiefs, project managers, crews, approvers and accountants help speed the workflow.

“We are excited to be helping improve the field scheduling workflow for such a forward-thinking environmental services firm like MEMS,” commented Ron Noden, EleVia Executive Vice President. “We look forward to streamlining their processes and improving efficiencies for their schedulers, crews, approvers and accountants.”

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About Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd. (MEMS)
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